Too Faced – Born this way Nude Foundation

I am so excited to be sharing with you all my first purchase from Too Faced Cosmetics here today on I Am Serene L!!!

I’m so excited to talk about the Born This Way foundation, as it has completely changed my perspective on what you should aim to buy when selecting a Foundation. After loving my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, I wanted to find an alternative Foundation purely for the purposes of trying new things out, and for the purposes of discovering things….and through trialling many foundations such as the Nars All day Luminous Weightless Foundation, and the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation. I found that they didn’t meet any of the expectations of what I’m looking for in a foundation, from the colour match variety available for my skin tone, the appearance it gave, and the coverage. They both made my skin look dull!

But after extensive sampling from trying out the Born this way Foundation from Too Faced, I fell in love with the foundation, and so I purchased the full sized product. *** A little tip I’d give you before buying a foundation is to buy travel sized pots in which you can fill foundations in to trial before you buy the full products, which I did & saved me a lot of money in the process, then I kindly took the pots to the makeup counters & asked each staff member if I could take a sample for myself to try out the foundation before I buy the full size!… πŸ™‚

So anyway back to the Born this way Foundation from Too Faced. I loved everything about this foundation. Where do I begin??? First of all I love the buildable nature of this foundation. This Foundation is aimed at having a Medium – High Coverage depending on how much coverage you need. I would say for everyday you’d need a pee sized pump of the foundation to cover your full face and speaking from a investment perspective, that means the foundation will last you for ages! You can also build up the coverage by adding more pumps of the foundation, depending on what you’re aiming to achieve from your makeup look! I also love the long lasting nature of this foundation, I suffer from an Oily t-zone, and it works well to mask it for up to 14 hours of wear time, and with the heat finally surfacing the UK, I’ve found that it even stays on with that little bit of sweat you’d endure on the upper lip region of your face…haha, you know what I’m talking about ladies :D!

‘ This revolutionary foundation is infused with a potent combination of Coconut Water to naturally replenish moisture levels; nature’s resilient Alpine Rose to brighten the skin’s appearance and promote elasticity and Hyaluronic Acid for a smoother, more youthful appearance. ‘ – Toofaced.com

This foundation is packed with wonderful ingredients including Coconut water that naturally works with your skin to keep it moisturised and I noticed it especially with the fact that people were noticing that my skin looked glowing since I started wearing the foundation & also mentioned to me that they hadn’t noticed I was even wearing foundation, which is a good thing in my case, as it proves that the foundation really looks like it’s your skin…. I’ve also fallen in love with the feel of the foundation on my skin it feels just as light & velvety as the Charlotte TilburyMagic Foundation felt on my skin, and felt as if there was nothing on! It’s also Oil – Free, which is great as it helps to keep your skin on point, and keep it looking healthy! I love Oil Free products as I aim to find products that will stay matte on my skin, as I have an oily t-zone & it manages to tame it perfectly!

I could go on & on about how much I love this Foundation but the last positive thing I’d love to comment on is the packaging. I think Too Faced have put a lot of care into their products, and the packaging & I am in love with everything from the box of this foundation to the bottle. I love the girly & feminine feel you get from the Foundation box with the Black & Pink theme, all the way through the gold & black bottle with the pretty logo imprinted on the lid of the bottle. I also adore the gold label underneath the pump that reads; Too Faced & the fact that the bottle includes a pump in the price (unlike my MAC Foundations) … & that the bottle is matte finished πŸ˜€

***Overall I adore this foundation, and definitely recommend that you should check it out, but before I round this post up I would like to say, it would be best to test the foundations out on your nearest counter & to test the colours on your neck / face rather than your hand… as I have found through swatching especially with the colour Nude which is my shade, that the colour was an orange like colour on my hand, but when I put it onto my face it was a true match. I would recommend blending in the foundation very well onto the face / neck when swatching as the colours are a bit off when you’re testing on the hands!!! Other than that, I absolutely love, love, love the Born this Way Foundation & for now, it is on the top of my love list for Foundation buys πŸ™‚ !!!


Too FacedBorn This FoundationΒ 30ML– | HEREΒ | Β£29.00


Β I hope you’ve enjoyed my Too Faced – Born this way Nude FoundationΒ blogpost!!!

Have you tried the Born this way Foundation from Too Faced Cosmetics before??? Or have you tried any other Too Faced products that I you’d recommend I check out??? & what foundations are you all loving at the moment???

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49 thoughts on “Too Faced – Born this way Nude Foundation

  1. Born this way seems like a great foundation!

  2. Oh the packaging was enough to make me want to buy! Let alone the review! Xx


  3. Erika on said:

    This foundation sounds incredible, I need to try this x

  4. I have heard such mixed reviews on this! I will have to swatch it!
    Lovely review hun!
    Fix Me In Forty Five – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin’ // Instagram

  5. I’d love to try that foundation! Graet review SErene!

  6. I bought this foundation yesterday and am trialing it out today, so far so good! Your advice on the colour matching and trying first is priceless, as the one thing I have noticed so far is that the shade I have chosen (vanilla) may be slightly too dark and I didn’t trial a sample first. This is a great review and your photographs are fab!

  7. Great review Serene! I so want to try this, it sounds so good! Hopefully I will like it better than CT Magic foundation!

  8. wow, the bottle its gorgeous. I will have to see how it looks on me.

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin’ ll Join the Secret Guide

  9. I need to try a sample of this!


  10. Yay, it sounds like you’ve found THE one Serene haha :D! Great tip to take travel sized pots to counters, I definitely need to try this out and experiment with more base products! πŸ™‚



  11. I really enjoyed this in depth review, I will definitely be putting this foundation on my wishlist!
    Lucie xo | lucieleannexo.wordpress.com

  12. I’ve been thinking of mixing up my foundation game… this sounds ideal. I hate it when foundation starts making your skin look dry and heavily made up!

    • Girl, I think you’ve come to the right page for a new foundation! You should definitely sample this one! You can build up the coverage according to your needs! I hateeee cake-y look foundations! This one feels like you have second skin :p lool xoxo

  13. Yousra on said:

    That idea of getting samples is so smart, I should do that! I would try this out but I’ve got dry skin so I stay away from matte foundations!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  14. Seems a great foundation! Thanks for the review, Serene!

    Sarah x

  15. Great foundation! I want to buy it now!!
    Love from http://www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  16. Gabrielle on said:

    Ahh I saw images of this foundation on your social media and instantly fell in love haha – the packaging alone is gorgeous! I like you idea of picking up travel-sized version of cosmetics for testing before purchasing the full-sized versions πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Gabrielle πŸ™‚ it’s beautiful isn’t it :p!!! Sampling foundations before buying the full sized will save you loads of money :p!!! πŸ™‚ ❀ xoxo

  17. This foundation sounds amazing! Thanks for the review!


  18. Taking travel containers and getting samples is such a good idea, as I think that foundations can look different in different lights, etc πŸ™‚ You have totally convinced me that I need this in my life- especially as its oil free! Glad to hear that the UK is finally getting a little bit sweaty, its about time πŸ˜‰

    Rachel xx

    • Thanks so much Rach ❀️ ohhhh you definitely need this in your life! It is oil free & so so so so LOVELY! I love the coconut water infused inside it too! Hahaha yeah the weather is picking up here in the UK FINALLY 😝 xoxo

  19. I’ve been wanting to try this foundation for so long, I’m so happy you love it. Thanks for the tip about taking in travel sized pots, I’m totally going to try this as department store lighting doesn’t always give a good indication of what it looks like in natural daylight. I learnt that the hard way with my Estee lauder Double Wear.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    • You definitely have to try it out sweetie, try sampling foundations in travel pots! They’re so handy! Department store lighting is sometimes misleading, I always aim to try foundations under natural light! πŸ™‚ haha! What happened with your Doublewear? I wanted to sample that foundation next!!! :p xoxo

  20. I really loved this foundation too! It wasn’t great for me through the Winter but I’m bringing it back out again now the weather is better xx

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