Firmoo Sunglasses

I am so excited to share with you all my latest OOTD today on I Am Serene L!!! I was contacted by the lovely Laura from Firmoo.com with an interest in collaborating together on a blog post & so I was kindly sent a pair of sunglasses to review!

Firmoo.com is the most popular online store for eyeglasses & sunglasses. They promote on trend eyeglasses and sunglasses that are high quality and yet affordable for the everyday client!

The pair of sunglasses I chose were perfection, I am a huge fan of the the reflective sunglasses lens & I was spoilt for choice as Firmoo has a wide selection of different frames with a reflective lenses! After careful picking and eliminating I ended up picking a pair of their Ray Ban looking frames with a Matte pink reflective lens! What I love about the Firmoo website is that you can upload a picture of yourself, and then they have a little icon that will allow you to try the pair of eyeglasses on your face, to help give you an idea of whether the frame will suit your face shape. GENIUS!!!

I paired the sunglasses with a very casual everyday outfit. I am in love with body suits at the moment, and I fell in love with a lace up front number from Missguided. I am in love with lace up details at the moment, and think the look of it brings a bit of femininity to a look!

I finished off the look with my favourite jacket at the moment, my New Look Bomber Jacket & a pair of high waisted jeans from ASOS. I love wearing High waisted jeans, they seriously make your legs appear longer & create an illusion of length! I also love the ripped effect, and mostly all of my jeans at the moment have rips in the knees :D! I teamed up the entire look with a pair of my Topshop lace up Army Ankle boots with a fur trim! I picked up these booties a while ago, but only rediscovered my love for them now!


|| What I’m wearing ||

MissguidedLace up Front Bodysuit in Black – |HERE| £22.00

*FirmooMatte Pink Reflective Lens Sunglasses – |HERE| $19.00 / £13.00

ASOSRivington High Waist Denim Jeggings in Washed out Black with Knee Rips – |HERE| £28.00

TopshopLace up Army Boots with a Fur Trim

New LookKhaki Faux Fur Lined Bomber Jacket – |HERE| £34.99

*PR SAMPLE | All items that are Marked with an Asterix are PR samples/Gifts |

You can check out the range of eyeglasses / sunglasses at Firmoo here!

You can also claim 15% off your first pair of eyeglasses by subscribing here!


 I hope you’ve enjoyed my Firmoo Sunglasses OOTD blogpost!!!

What do you think of Firmoo??? Have you heard of the brand before or tried any of their eyeglasses or sunglasses???

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Lots of Love

I am Serene L


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66 thoughts on “Firmoo Sunglasses

  1. I worked with Firmoo last year and chose a pair of their prescription eyeglasses. I seriously wear them every single day and I love them way more than my other glasses I got from my eye doctor. They are now almost a year old and still in perfect condition. Plus their prices are incredible!

    • Ohh really, they really don’t go out of style do they! I absolutely love the sunglasses they’re amazing ❤ !!! & I AM IN LOVE WITH THEIR PRICES AS WELL! incredible and affordable 🙂 xoxox

  2. You look hot Serene, love the sunnies xx

  3. Great look. Loving the sunnies and lippie!


  4. Love this look! The body is amazing and I need to check out this website. Can’t believe you can virtually try on glasses, such a good idea
    Christy x

    • Thanks so much Christy! Ahh yes how incredible is that feature of the website, you can try on different frames to get an idea of what suits your face shape! & thanks I’m into bodysuits at the moment, been buying a couple too many hehe xoxo

  5. Love the sunnies! I have a similar body suit/top like that too and I’m still figuring out which bra to wear under so that it isn’t so scandalous lol

    • Thanks so much Stacey :p! Haha! I wore a little vest top underneath to hide a bit of boob action! Looool but on a night out I think it will look amazing with just a black bra underneath loooool! Maybe try a boob tube top underneath? Haha xoxo

      • Oh yea since the girls are nocturnal I’m all about letting them get jiggy with it at night LOL to be honest I never tried it or thought a plain bra would be fine..alright I’ll do that hahah!

      • Loooool! That reminds me of that song! Get jiggy with it na na na na na na🎶 looool xoxo

      • Lmao!!! I loveddddd that song hahah <333

      • Me Tooooooo 😀 LOL! Xox

      • OHHH btw girl…you might freak out..did you hear about the release of NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks?? Not only that, they are all neutral shades!! They aren’t sold here yet and of course US has it first and I don’t know when they will be released everywhere else so I’m loosing my mind a bit lol

      • LOOOOOOOOOL! I HAVENT heard of this range :000000 oh my gosh oh my gosh! The US gets everything before us 😦 why! Guuuuuurl I need to see when they arrive here, I can imagine myself loving them 😀 hahaha thanks so much hunny for telling me about them! 😀 xoxo

      • I know ughhh!! I went into freak mode and looked everywhere online to see if it was possible for outsiders to get somewhere online and it’s not 😦 LOL anddddd they are supposedly non drying to lips since it’s a whip creme/satiny formula! I haven’t been this excited about lipstick before hahah!!

      • Nooooo! You can’t tell me all this & not expect me to stalk all the online beauty stores right now :0 I want these now so bad! & I love Nudes ❤ Ahhhh hahahaha LOL we're on a mission to find them! 😀 xoxo

      • Let’s stalk together LOL

      • LOL! Let’s do this hahaha! 😀

  6. You look gorgeous!! Loving the glasses!
    Dora http://www.bangsbang.com

  7. Serene, you rock with those glasses! xoxo

  8. The Sartorial Coquette on said:

    beautiful! these sunglasses are so cool 😀
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

  9. You are such a doll, Serene! I’m in love with the whole outfit, you look amazing! The sunnies are also super pretty! Hope you are doing great, lovely! Miss you! xx

    Ale | http://alemint.blogspot.com.co/

  10. Rochelle on said:

    You look stunning. Those sunglasses are so cool! Love the entire look with the bomber & the lace up body! xxx

  11. These are so nice! Love the reflective style!

  12. hannah on said:

    You look incredible! those sunglasses are gorgeous too. They look so expensive as well! x


  13. I love the total look! The sunglasses and jeans are fab!

  14. Those sunnies look so good on you, love them! 🙂

    Sarah x

  15. You are so rocking the sunnies and the outfit! Looking so fab dear 🙂


  16. love the outfit, especially the sunnies they look so pretty! love em 🙂 x x


  17. Gabrielle on said:

    You massively suit these sunglasses Serene, they’re so edgy! I love your lace-up top too, I’ve been trying to find the perfect one lately and this one is a serious contender now 🙂


  18. VelvetBlush on said:

    You look so cool with the sunglasses! Sounds like I need some high waisted jeans if they help with length 🙂

  19. Alina Bostan on said:

    You look fierce here! The sunglasses really do finish off the outfit so well and I love the design you chose, so gorgeous. Btw that lip shade on you is amazing too x

    Beauty with charm

    • Awww you babe, thank you :* you’re so kind! I was wearing Cyber World – MAC lip liner with MAC – Viva Glam 3 on top & those sunnies bring colour to my life 😀 I can’t part them since I got them :p ❤ xoxo

  20. Firmoo are amazing! I love your sunglasses I definitely need to get myself a reflective pair for summer. You look so lovely!


  21. These mirrors sunglasses from Firmoo are very cool. I have a pair of specs from them, but have never tried the sunnies.

    P.S. Every time you leave a link in my blog posts, it’s not working properly. Can you check it for the next time, please?

    • Thanks so much Lubka, you have to try their sunglasses 🙂 they have a wonderful range!

      Oh really!!! Thanks for telling me I will check it out next time! :0 that’s so strange! Xoxo

  22. Such a stylish pair of high waisted jeans Serene, totally rocking this look! 🙂 xo~ Lena

  23. Such a lovely sunglasses.
    It suit well your rough rider chic look.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  24. i’m yet to own a reflective pair – they look so good on you!

  25. I love this look ! I completely fall in love with your sunglasses !!!

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