That Basic FOTD

I am not ashamed by my natural look, however sometimes you do want to feel like you’re making a bit of an effort without too much on!


So for todays FOTD (Face of the day) Makeup Look I kept it natural with a simple Eyeliner look with a bit of Lipgloss/Lipstick Mix

I named the FOTD look: That Basic

heres the finished Look!

photo 5

I firstly prepped my face using my LancΓ΄meΒ –Β Teint Idole Ultra 24 hour Foundation & set it with my Mac – Select Sheer Pressed Powder

Then I began with my eyes

I used my LancΓ΄meΒ – Artliner Liquid Eyeliner pen to create a crisp straight stroke just above my eyelid!

I usually find that for my eye shape a stroke from the inner corner of my (lash line) to my outer corner creates the best look & enhances the appearance of my eyes!!!

& I completed the eye look with a coating of MaybellineBig eyes mascara just on the top set of lashes ( I used the thick brush side for this) !!! < the smaller brush is usually used for your lower lash line!!!


I’ve completed the look with a soft combination of

MacLustreglass in Pinkarat


YSLRogue Pur Couture Golden Lustre in Golden Red

I usually apply the two with a lip brush & mix them together < as they are both shimmer based!!!


Left : YSL in Golden Red / Right: Mac in Pinkarat



M49X26Β  to purchase press here!

Rougepurcouture_lΒ to purchase press here!

Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 15.31.18Β to purchase press here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my That Basic FOTD Makeup Look

Please do keep up to date with my happenings via my Social Media




Lots of Love ❀

I am Serene L



    1. Thank you so much sweetie πŸ™‚ I use it all the time the artliner pen that is ❀ I definitely recommend it do tell me if you buy it πŸ™‚ xx

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