Manomai Facial Serum

I am very excited to share with you all my new Facial Cream that has been sent for me all the way from Thailand!

photo 2


How cute & adorable is the packaging, a lot of care from the Manomai team has gone into it, so thank you 🙂

The Cream I have been lucky to discover is formulated specifically for your blood type group! < Unique right?

It’s called the ManomaiAround-the-clock Facial Serum

The Serums contain unique ingredients for each blood type group & as I am a Blood type O, my Manomai Serum contains Seaweed & Guava Leaf Extract.

Other Blood Types: 

Blood Type A contains Malt & Green Tea Extract

Blood Type AB contains Cucumber & Cherry Extract

Blood Type B contains Shitake/Reishe Mushroom & Green Tea Extract

The nature of the Manomai cream is created purely with the foods & beverages that are healthy for your blood type in mind!

Manomai doesn’t test on animals < a key point I would also like to mention!!!

So back to the facial serum now 🙂


Above is the packaging, that included the Around-the-Clock Facial Serum for Blood Type O & a booklet of information about Manomai Creams

What is great about the the Manomai Facial serum is when I applied it, it was not fragranced, and this prevented any sort of irritation on the skin, and never caused my skin to appear oily.

The content inside the Around-the-Clock Facial Serum for Blood type O

The Seaweed Extract or Algae Extract – Contains vitamins, minerals trace elements and amino acids that are essentials for maintaing healthy & youthful skin. The Phytonutrients found in seaweed boosts blood flow – which essentially will leave you with soft, smooth & glowing skin < Perfect right?

The Guava Leaf Extract – This extract enables stimulation of the production of collagen. It is an anti-inflammatory, that will relax your skin & ultimately work against germs!!

The Cherry Extract – This extract acts as a toner & enriching agent, it provides a natural source of Vitamin C & antioxidant compounds, these help to protect against radical damage!!!

After using the Manomai Facial Serum for a couple of days now, I can safely say that is has replenished & revitalised my skin, and has left it feeling smooth & Glowing! A definite recommendation for all to try!

Below is some additional information found on the back of the Manomai Cream package on application, ingredients & Purpose!




For more information on Manomai & to purchase the Manomai Facial Serum press here!

Lots of Love ❤

I am Serene L


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11 thoughts on “Manomai Facial Serum

  1. Interesting! Did they supply any rationale as to why some ingredients might function better for some blood types vs. others?

    • So they say that the specified groups of ingredients in each different formula are created specifically to work for your skin Physiology, and with that they say by testing that they’ve found that the different ingredients in the skincare is catered to harmonize with your blood type group! I hope this helps!! 🙂

  2. Rochelle on said:

    Very interested in finding more out about Manomai!! I wouldn’t mind trying the facial serum out! Sounds like a very efficient buy in the long run!

    Rochelle xx

    P.S thank you for the lovely posts! I enjoy coming back & reading!

  3. Wow great Serene would live to see another post from you giving us a review on how the product actually works for you! I have not heard of a serum that is developed based on blood types before!

    • & that I will do Indeed 🙂 I am trying out the Serum over 7 days & Hopefully a record of difference will be apparent! But so far it’s really been treating me well 🙂 however only time will tell! I know when I heard about the serum formulated for your Blood type I was definitely intrigued to see for myself.

  4. I’m all about a good face cream, keep us posted

  5. wow- so cool that there are different formulations according to blood type!

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